The Top 10 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts

1. Organic Baby Clothing


Whether they are expecting their first, second or even third child, every parent could do with some cute new organic baby clothing! Check out this minimal and super soft newborn two-piece set. It’s perfect for any gender and even better yet, all the raw materials used to make it are certified organic and chosen specifically to protect newborns’ sensitive skin.


2. Organic Baby Toys 


Play is such an important part of any baby’s early days! And what better way to introduce the immense joy it can bring than with some cuddly soft organic baby toys. We particularly love this gorgeous, sustainable, and fully washable Chester Caterpillar. Not only is it entirely handmade but it contains a battery-free vibrating mechanism and is suitable for both boys and girls from birth. And the best bit? It also raises awareness about nature and a healthy planet making it a great eco-friendly baby shower gift. 


3. Organic Baby Blankets 


Every parent needs something soft, warm, and immensely cuddly to wrap their newborn in. Indeed, you know what they say – you can never have too many blankets! Especially if they are reversible, organic and the ideal thickness for warmer seasons, just like this organic knitted baby blanket available in stunning coral, ochre, and salmon shades. So, no matter what the gender is, you will be sure to get it spot on!


4. Bamboo Baby Towels 


What’s cuter than a little newborn snuggled in a teeny baby hooded towel? In case you don’t know exactly what a hooded baby towel is, it’s basically a small bath towel with an attached hood, designed specifically to keep a baby’s head warm and dry straight after their bath. It is also made to be super soft and comfy. Check out these super cute hooded baby towels made of 100% bamboo viscose. We just love the hand-drawn print dyed with Earth-friendly tints and are sure the new parents-to-be will too!


5. Organic Mother and Baby Nursing Pillow 



Nearly every new Mum needs one of these beautifully hand-manufactured 100% cotton nursing pillows. Not only are they the ideal companion to have in the home for breastfeeding in absolute comfort but they also help both the mother and baby to feel supported, especially in those early days which can be a whirlwind to say the least! They also make a beautiful eco-friendly baby shower gift.


6. Sustainable Baby Floor Cushion



If you are looking for something that little bit unique, then we highly recommend these stylish sustainable baby floor cushions. They are the perfect place for babies to chill and relax or to start learning unassisted seating and independent play and make the most fashionable and eco-friendly baby shower gifts. They also add a splash of bohemian chic to any interior. 


7. Organic Rattan Moses Blanket and Bedding



Moses baskets are just as popular as ever and are without a doubt one of the best investments any new parent can make in both their baby’s health and their own! Both parents and newborns need somewhere snug to rest their head comfortably for those much-needed afternoon naps and midnight cuddles. This organic rattan Moses basket comes complete with 100% organic bedding. You can even get it gift wrapped for a very special and eco-friendly baby shower gift. 


8. Organic Portable Nappy Mat


We can’t think of anything more essential for a new parent than a portable nappy mat! These are absolutely perfect for providing any parent with a hygienic and comfortable surface for quick and easy changes on the go. This blush pink organic portable nappy mat is a gorgeous companion that can easily be rolled up and stored inside any bag. It also has a softly padded interior to ensure comfort for the baby and a 100% organic cotton exterior, making it an ideal eco-friendly baby shower gift. 


9. Eco-friendly Baby Bib 


What baby doesn’t need a bib? As a parenting staple, you can’t go wrong gifting the parents-to-be some eco-friendly baby bibs for their baby shower. The only question is whether to choose soft organic cotton baby bibs or easy-clean, silicone ones? We will leave that decision up to you, but first, we recommend that you check out just how pretty this little organic bandana baby bib is? With zero harmful chemicals, how could you resist?!


10. Organic Baby Wash Cloths


Another essential in the new parenting pack are eco-friendly baby wash cloths. With so many uses including gentle cleansing between baths and wiping away any cute early day gurgles, baby wash cloths make an ideal baby shower gift. We particularly love these incredibly delicately soft burp cloths made from organic cotton muslin.

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For more eco-friendly baby shower gift inspiration, browse our collection of soft, organic newborn clothing, accessories and toys designed with love for their very first, precious early days of life.