Our Story

Launched in September 2021 Petit Comporta is a project of Cotswolds-based new mama and creative director Ila Colombo. Growing into motherhood with her first daughter, Ila realised that she couldn’t find a single go-to store entirely dedicated to the best of locally manufactured quality baby items. Disappointed by big brands and known names, who mainly produce in China and India, she spent five months researching, scouting and assessing different materials and small businesses. Petit Comporta is the result of mother-and-daughter quality time and passion; a unique boutique dedicated to the local, the uncommon and the well designed.

With an Italian, Brazilian and Japanese family heritage, Ila naturally grew up with a deep appreciation for the crafted and well-made, the meaningful and rare. A believer in spirituality and a ‘wabi-sabi’ way of living, she is personally looking to create a slow-paced balance between family, her inner-self and work.