Our Story

Petite Comporta is the brainchild of creative director and new mother, Ila Colombo. With a family heritage that is Italian, Brazilian and Japanese, she herself was raised to value craftsmanship and high-quality goods. Born not long after her daughter in September 2021, Petite Comporta was an answer to her own search to find products for her child that matched her values. The market offered nothing that aligned with the mindset in which she was raising her daughter; goods produced in far flung places made from fabrics that were doing more unnecessary harm than any good they could do in your home.

Ila spent countless months researching, scouting and assessing brands and businesses that were designing and manufacturing the goods, the considered way, and Petite Comporta is a curation of Ila’s discoveries, uncovered during the intimate moments of early motherhood. A boutique committed first and foremost to your values, and items designed to last a lifetime.

Taste and Culture

In a world obsessed with being fast-paced and one where we are always trying to get ahead, Petite Comporta stands in stark contrast. Founder Ila Colombo has always maintained a steadfast commitment to the balance between work, life and family; and the belief that it's only through this balance that you are able to achieve happiness in all areas. 

Being raised amongst cultures where this considered and appreciative vision was applied to all things, Ila has always understood the value in supporting and enjoying goods where this same vision of life was applied. It has allowed her to see and observe details that you can rejoice in and you’ll find this in all the products stocked on Petite Comporta. Made by expert artisans, and masters of their craft; across all categories we have preserved this to ensure that you can make purchases for your children with quality, sustainability and respect ensured.

Rewriting Local

We can no longer go shopping without thinking of the impact that geography plays on sustainability and for our team at Petite Comporta this has always been of the utmost importance. 

Leaving Brexit aside, we are proud to consider Europe to be our local discovery ground, and for the UK based audience this should be the vicinity in which we find the products we love. 

Each of the brands we stock on Petite Comporta have made this same commitment to produce all their own goods locally and they are in turn local to us. By standing by this we are making not only environmentally friendly choices but also supporting local economies who depend on this way of thinking and living. 

We have an abundance of choice around us, why should we be looking any further?

All items stocked on Petite Comporta find their origins in the following countries: Britain, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Estonia. We are proud to be their partners and have enormous respect for their cultures of expert craftsmanship.


At Petite Comporta we believe that achieving sustainability is about making personal, considered choices that you know are doing good for the planet and those around you. We know making big changes is hard and that’s why we have done the hard work for you; pulling together a curation of clothes, accessories and interiors for your baby and child that have kept this front of mind. 

When selecting the brands we worked with, we ensured that a commitment to sustainability is front of mind. We believe, like them, that by making thoughtful purchases that last through expert craftsmanship, we can improve the future of our planet and generations to come.